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Founder Shield
Founder Shield A data-driven insurance brokerage focused exclusively on rapidly evolving, high-growth company
Simplicity Group
Simplicity Group The Simplicity Group specialise in fully managed communications and technology solutions for businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. Our highly skilled team of communications specialists provide advanced solutions and tailored pricing to match every business needs.
Sologen Power
Sologen Power Solgen is one of the fastest growing Solar Installation companies in the nation with over 60 employees and expanding, Based in Cincinnati Ohio, Solgen Power is an 8-Figure Solar Installation Company headquartered in Washington State
SOS Children
SOS Children SOS Children’s Villages is a private, non-political, non-denominational organization that provides long-term family-based care to children in need. With the support of our friends and partners, we work to ensure that each child will grow up in a loving home.
Brain Xchange
Brain Xchange BrainXchange is a boutique conference company dedicated to providing interactive learning and intelligent networking opportunities for leading minds and industry professionals at each and every quality event it produces.Through these initiatives, BrainXchange is pioneering the new way that business is being conducted and connections are being made.
LifeConex LifeConEx, DHL’s temperature management specialist, enables clients of all sizes to transport temperature-sensitive products globally in the most optimal and efficient way possible. We combine proprietary technologies, such as LifeTrack and in-transit sensors, with expert analysts, advisors and auditors to deliver end-to-end visibility, monitoring and management of your cold chain.
TriFit TriFit Business Development provides Sales Training and Recruitment Services for the insurance industry, specifically Brokers, Agencies, Program Administrators and Managing General Agents (MGAs). TriFit also serves a variety of other industries including financial services, distribution, manufacturing, software, electronics, staffing and professional consulting.
Proper Pillow
Proper Pillow The Proper Pillow was founded as an orthopedic pillow designed to support back and side sleeping comfortably. The patent pending inner orthotic with in the Proper Pillow provides the Proper Pillow the integrity so that the customer can get quality sleep in optimal alignment.
Scholar Atheletes
Scholar Atheletes Scholar Athletes mission is to support academic achievement through athletics. Our program is unique in that we have dedicated space – called Zones – in each of our partner schools.
WORKPLACE SOLUTIONS Workplace Solutions is a group of dedicated professionals who provide assistance and resources to individuals and families to create a satisfying and meaningful life. We’re counsellors, coaches, attorneys, financial professionals and experienced specialists in a wide variety of fields.
DataRails DataRails is a unique technology solution that tracks, controls, and manages spreadsheets at the enterprise and business level, with no change to the end-user Excel experience. DataRails is the only platform that fully tackles the problem of the Single Version of Truth, by verifying your version, and your team's version of excel spreadsheets, promoting financial integrity in your company and providing better control.
SOCIUM DIGITAL sociumdigital is your full-service digital partner.web development and app development.graphic design services. SEO services.
SBDS SBDS, formerly known as SilverBullet Data Services, is proud to launch the next generation of DataTech services. We empower the largest businesses across the globe, to truly realise the full potential of their consumer data.
LIORA PARTNERS Liora is a leading, independent boutique placement agent and advisory firm dedicated to providing a wide range of services including raising capital for outstanding alternative asset managers and growing companies.
MattiD Matti D has made its mark in Southern California as a leading upscale fashion boutique known for its exclusivity and carefully curated a selection of upscale designer clothing
TENCAN Changsha Tianchuang Powder Technology Company Limited, which was established in 2006, is located in Changsha City, Capital of Hunan Province, South-Centre part of People’s Republic of China. The Company is one of largest professional manufacturers in China engaging in design, manufacture, and sales of all kinds of lab ball mills.

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Moving the needle of Ecommerce solutions with Salesforce

Understanding the issue of sleep deprivation and restless sleep, Proper Pillow from California came forward with its product ‘Proper Pillow’ that allows a sound sleep in proper alignment.

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Salesforce and Shopify Integration for NGO

Run your business from one dashboard and easily stay in touch with your donors. Now, with a click of a button, you can put your donors information to work and take action on promotions, coupons & discounts

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The Meticulous Quote Generator

The Meticulous Quotes Generator unties your hands and gives you the opportunity to easily create sophisticated, consistent and accurate quotes and customize those quotes as much as you want.

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Salesforce-Shopify Integration

Salesforce-Shopify Integration integrates Shopify account with the Salesforce automating the entire process saving time, increasing efficiency and growing revenue with easy workflow.

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Create Salesforce leads from new Squarespace form submissions

Squarespace is the easiest CMS to create a beautiful website, online stores for business and personal use; while managing your operations, promoting your brand or sell your product from a single platform.

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A Michigan based Jewish Services Provider Company, The Shull, while aiming to improve the lives of the people for the better part had difficulty with its invoicing system. Though being a very simple process, it requires significant accuracy and resources.

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Fleet Simplicity specializes in innovative vehicle telematics, asset tracking and management, and vehicle CCTV solutions. They offer fleet management and other related services.

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Ever since the launch back in 2011, WooCommerce has been a popular solution for small and medium merchants. The discussion over advantages of this platform has long been won by the proponents

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