Ever since the launch back in 2011, WooCommerce has been a popular solution for small and medium merchants. The discussion over advantages of this platform has long been won by the proponents, but there are some management issues that have proven to stifle the management efficiency. Salesforce, on the other hand, excels in that area and the integration of the two solutions through the Desk.com brings multiple benefits.

Client’s Needs:

This case study revolves around a medium sized merchant that approached us with a very specific problem. His WooCommerce platform did well sales-wise, but the management aspect of the business was not at all optimized. This setup negatively impacted the amount of time required to effectively manage the sales

Without efficient management, the potential for expansion and general financial planning were severely impacted.

What we Did:

In this particular case, we used Desk.com and synced it with the existing WooCommerce setup, creating a bridge between these platforms. That enabled our client to call the case details information from WooCommerce and populate the missing data directly on Salesforce Desk.com page.

By calling a customer email in Salesforce, the client is now able to track case details and other relevant information regarding a customer with the same email id. Furthermore, the data entered in each platform is automatically synced which makes migration and management a lot safer and quicker.

The Result:

The immediate result of our solution was the ability to use Salesforce to manage a WooCommerce store with a greater degree of precision and efficiency. This, in terms, enabled our client to make better business predictions and plan adequate expansions. More subtle effects included a slight increase in sales, a reduction in management workload and an increased confidence regarding data security. Within 6 months of implementing this solution, our client reported a 9% revenue increase and expanded his business to a completely new market segment.

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