A Michigan based Jewish Services Provider Company, The Shull, while aiming to improve the lives of the people for the better part had difficulty with its invoicing system. They needed to reduce the time their staff took to process their invoices and improve the accuracy of these invoices, along with a constant track on the status of its processing.

Standard procedure is to create opportunities, add a detailed quote with each line items, headings and subheadings henceforth create its invoice and send it off to their respective customer. Though being a very simple process, it requires significant accuracy and resources, particularly for an organization with such a high number of clientele. While addressing the shortcomings of their existing invoice process, they felt the need to implement a more proficient system for accounting divisions to create, manage and process invoices and so talked to the HIC team.

The Challenges faced by the Shull:

  1. Defining and creating the opportunities, with detailed line items, quotations and provide an invoice to each client.
  2. Maximize the fund flow by tracking the funds tied up in unpaid invoices.
  3. Overcome Invoice Payment Delays and eliminate missed deadlines.
  4. Resolve inaccuracies due to the manual entry of information into the system

The Solution:

  1. Understanding the requirements of The Shull in detail, we analyzed their workflow post which we created an invoice system ‘Rabbi Yudi Mann’ with Apex, Javascript, Visualforce and jQuery technologies that changed their entire accounting landscape by overcoming the shortcoming of their inaccurate invoice systems. With this CRM system ‘Rabbi Yudi Mann’, any administrator can generate invoices by creating opportunities in detail with each line item for their every client and provide a quote for it.

2. Addressing the constraints of the time spent in creating invoices and accuracy that manual entry brings to it, we made this system such that creating invoices exceptionally easy and with meticulous accuracy. Now, with this CRM the invoices can be created up to three times faster than before!


Creating opprtunities

3. To maximize the fund flow and keep a track on the status of the invoice, we added an invoice tracking tool so that each invoice status can be tracked from the minute it is uploaded. Also adding an option of auto-generating invoices every start of the month which keeps a track on all the invoices that need to be sent, auto-generates them and send it to the respective client without fail along with reminders being sent to the clients to complete their transfers and avoid late payments.

The Results:

  1. The Shull administrators can generate Invoice in the PDF format
  2. They are able to create opportunities, with detailed line items, create quotes and generate invoices.
  3. The invoice creation time is reduced to seconds and with complete accuracy.
  4. The invoices are stored at one placed and no longer are misfiled or lost.
  5. Each invoice status can be tracked from the moment it is created.
  6. No more delay in sending invoices thereby in processing payments.
  • Funds are transferred on time maximizing the business and easing the accounting task.