Let your Sales Team Selling

Every sales representative needs to create quotes that can include all the information that is required amid the quoting process, that is, customer details, information about the items and if any adjustments are made to the price of the items and the payment terms that will be used in the order if the quote is converted to an order.

The Meticulous Quotes Generator unties your hands and gives you the opportunity to easily create sophisticated, consistent and accurate quotes and customize those quotes as much as you want. With all the opportunities, detailed line items, addresses, quotes details to add, this Meticulous Quote Generator is the best Salesforce Solution to it.

This Quote Generator gives a professional addition to traditional quotes and allows us to collect information collected into opportunities, generate quotes in pdf and email it to the customer.

Shiji Group

Located in the heart of China, Shiji Group aims to provide software solutions and services to many sectors of the industry. Performing on the Big Data Application, Shiji provides an after-sales support service wherein you can track support cases, raise enquires and download support-related documents. With the growing business, handling the bulk of quotes, generating them in time and keeping track of them had become a tedious task for them unlike any. Having a hard time finding a software that will help with all of your billing needs, they approached HIC Solutions for the given problem and got their solution with Meticulous Generator.

The Challenges:

  1. The long process is taken to generate a quote and inconsistent reminders to the clients
  2. Defining and generating the opportunities, with detailed line items and creating quotes for each client.
  3. Creating custom quotes containing addresses, quote details, annual support, total and more.
  4. Overcome delays and eliminate missed deadlines.
  5. Resolve inaccuracies due to the manual entry of information into the system
Shiji-HIC Customer

Technologies Used:

  1. Apex
  2. Javascript
  3. Visualforce
  4. jQuery
Shiji- HIC Customer

The Solution:

Your quote in a few clicks:
Create your quotes, generate the document in .pdf format, and send it by email.

Shorten your Sales Cycle:
Meticulous Quotes Generator shortens your business cycle by enabling you to publish your quotes on time and decreasing the length of your sales cycle by 26%.

Customize your Quotes:
Customize your quotes with your opportunities, quotes, line items, descriptions and more.

Increase Revenue with the better sales rep and better follow-ups:
With all information in one place on one system and advance formatting on each quote helps in better sales rep and better follow-ups by the sales team. This Quotes Generator increases your revenue by 21%.

Increase operational efficiency:
Increase efficiency by fully automating your quotes and renewal process easing the accounting task.  Automatically create and send quotes and reminders. This Quotes Generator increases your operational efficiency by 55%.

Automatize your Recurring quotes:
Schedule recurring quotes to each respective to save time. Create a schedule and plan your customized quotes schedule in just a few clicks.

Eliminate Manual Errors:
Eliminate the errors by no more maintaining two systems and performing tasks only on one.

The Result:

The Meticulous Quotes Generator manages your business on the go. Access your account, manage your business, and stay organized on any device. Sharer the custom quotes in details along with all the information needed to each client respectively with this Quotes Generator eliminating any disconnect between the Salesforce and the customer. This quotes generator automatically creates quotes including all the details, customized to the client and send it to them without delay. Also, updating the status of each quote helping you being consistent.