Salesforce-Shopify Integration integrates Shopify account with the Salesforce automating the entire process saving time, increasing efficiency and growing revenue with easy workflow. Our solutions of which in sales, service, marketing and other business verticals do not require the IT experts to set up or manage. It will start connecting to the customers by simply logging in.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 leading enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) while Shopify is the simplest way to create an e-commerce website where you can list products, collect credit card payments, and ship your goods from all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Salesforce-Shopify Integration has changed the landscape of e-Commerce and CRM platforms. This Integration of Shopify and Salesforce basically act as a bridge between the two enhancing the services of e-commerce and CRM platform; helping the admin to easily synchronize Customers, Collections, Products, and orders to Salesforce CRM tracking sales and keeping up with the growth trends.

Further, this integration principally helps to map complex data flows from one system to another giving control of the unlimited data provide by e-commerce and given an easy to use it.

Based out in Canada, Rad Vapor distribution is a Vape store that provides a wide variety of products on e-cigarette technology, e-liquids and accessories in the extensive assortment of flavours serving a safer substitute for tobacco smoking. Having its store built on Shopify, they were facing challenges in handling the audience landing on the website. Also, when needed to integrate it with the Salesforce to automate the processes, the integration and the creation of each aspect was an acute concern.


  1. The integration of the Shopify store to Salesforce.
  2. Store the purchase information like name, company, email, phone number, address etc from Shopify into Salesforce.
  3. Create Order from both Shopify and Salesforce with automated integration without redundancy.


  1. Unified Salesforce platform: Salesforce-Shopify Integrator provides a unified Salesforce platform to manage both e-Commerce and CRM data. The admin can now process bulk data from Shopify Store to Salesforce
  2. Interactive design with a brilliant user interface to manage data efficiently
  3. Multi-store oriented integration to enhance management of e-Commerce data
  4. Seamless Integration: Integrate Shopify and Salesforce Marketing Cloud seamlessly. We guarantee to complete your integration, from installation to activation of Shopify to Salesforce Marketing Cloud on a mutually agreed upon timeline. Through cost-effective, pre-built APIs, plugins, and extensions, our software seamlessly integrates customer purchase history and transactional data from Shopify to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  5. Turn Page Views into Revenue: Salesforce-Shopify Integrator allows the Rad Vapor admins to convert more site visits into purchases from customers they could have normally missed.

Real-time synchronization:

  1. Sync Collections from Shopify to Salesforce end
  2. Shopify Order to Salesforce Opportunities Synchronization
  3. Customer to Person Account Sync compatibility
  4. Orders and Products synchronization to manage Inventory effectively with product variables and price.
  5. Create Salesforce contacts from Shopify customers