Fleet Simplicity specializes in innovative vehicle telematics, asset tracking and management, and vehicle CCTV solutions. They offer fleet management and other related services and do most of their business throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is in the nature of their business to streamline all processes for their clients and they took the same approach regarding their own operations as well.Fleet Simplicity approached us with a very specific problem. They have a lot of data that needs to be processed at any given moment and their setup was inefficient. They had issues with combining real-time and manually entered data which required more effort and created conflicts during interpretation. Most of all, importing data from tables and .csv files required manual entry and created an additional workload which was tiresome, time consuming and inefficient.

  • Analyze the functional capabilities of the system in the present state
  • Define and detail the problematic areas and pinpoint the weakest link in the chain
  • Develop and deploy a solution that will increase productivity by automating data entry process.

The Solution:

After an extensive briefing with our client and the detailed analysis, we singled out manual data entry as the biggest issue in the data processing chain. More specifically, Fleet Simplicity operators had to manually import the data from tables and .csv files and we tackled that issue by integrating the entire process on the Salesforce platform. We created a solution that enabled our client to automate data entry by simply uploading an entire table as a single file and have that data processed within seconds.

  • We integrated the manual data entry process with the Salesforce platform.
  • Enabled clients to instantly update their inventory.
  • Streamlined daily operations by completely automating data entry process.
  • Trained their staff to use our solutions and make small changes to increase their productivity.
  • Introduced a single page view of every vehicle with status, service history and other relevant data.

Our solution greatly reduced the workload and completely automated the data entry process. Furthermore, manually entered data is now usable with the same efficiency and time frame as the real-time data. This made tracking and managing assets more efficient and zeroed out the possibility of an error. Lastly, automatically entered data proved to be easier to work with, had fewer inaccuracies and was presentable as soon as it was entered. This made reporting and planning stages simpler and more efficient, which translated into better overall services. These services include better tracking of the vehicles within the fleet and improved management reporting.

Here is what our client’s representative had to say about our solution:

“Piyush and his team have worked on several stages of a complex Salesforce CRM development project with us over the last 12 months. Initially, we were apprehensive with us being a UK company but I absolutely commend Piyush in the professionalism, speed, and efficiency of his team. We have now built a great business relationship with guaranteed repeat business.”

Harry Girvan, Fleet Simplicity