Squarespace is the easiest CMS to create a beautiful website, online stores for business and personal use; while managing your operations, promoting your brand or sell your product from a single platform. It offers marketing tools, domains, analytics, support and more and gives you an exceptional online presence.

While offering a powerful form builder, the storage is limited to an extent and hence the integration to a robust CRM like Salesforce is required. The Salesforce and Squarespace integration consumes the proficiencies of both the platforms.

Build your website or online stores from many available templates on SquareSpace. Create workflows, send leads from Squarespace to Salesforce, execute actions and curate marketing campaigns while monitoring and measuring the activities of existing and potential customers.

DHI Northern Ireland is part of the global DHI Medical Group specialising in hair restoration for men and women. It provides its clients with the most advanced hair restoration technique available today and also has a range of shampoos and lotions. The company has 46 years of experience and 62 clinics around the world.

DHI Team uses Squarespace for their CMS and had difficulty in managing leads efficiently. The leads were being missed due to late follow-ups or improper data; hence the need to integrate their CMS with Salesforce.


DHI Team wanted that when a user fills any of the below-given forms of DHI Website,

  • Welcome Page
  • Direct Hair Implantation Page
  • Contact Us Page

then this lead should get created in Salesforce with the information filled by the user in that form. Also, as many apps like True Caller doesn’t work well with iOS, these leads get created into their Google Contact and then to their iPhone connect. So when they receive a call from one of their clients, they will information in advance.


Salesforce-Squarespace Integrator - Automate Salesforce to Squarespace

Whenever a user fills the forms on the DHI Website, the Salesforce-SquareSpace Integrator captures, creates the leads and stores them into your Salesforce Account with the details customized by you. Every time a user fills the form, a lead is created in Salesforce and a Google Contact is saved in the respective iPhone account.


  • Once established, no code to write when editing forms
  • Customize the details you want to be used in Squarespace.
  • Tighten the integration between Salesforce and Squarespace
  • Focus on your marketing and sales rather than writing code to customize your workflow.




  • Salesforce-Squarespace Integrator – gets your sales team every new lead from the website directly in their CRM pipeline and phones for quick and easy follow-ups.
  • Once integrated, this workflow is automated and adds a new lead to Salesforce whenever a new user submits a form on a Squarespace site.
  • The sales team can engage with prospects without needing to add them into Salesforce manually closing the sales rep quickly.
  • The efficiency of the Sales Team increases exponentially by 45% as the rate of manual errors decreases rapidly leads to better revenue.